"A real treat - such a well chosen programme, perfectly played"

Ticket Pricing Policy

As a ‘not for profit’ organisation it is our aim to keep ticket prices as low as possible.

From the start of the 2014/15 season we will be adopting a flat pricing structure for over 25’s to bring us in line with the Arts at St. George’s, which the orchestra joined in 2014.

As one of our important aims is to encourage young people to experience live classical music of the highest standard to engender a lifelong interest and enjoyment of classical music we will continue to offer tickets to under 25’s at not more than half price.

At our foundation in 2004 tickets were priced at £15. Today’s prices are usually cheaper and of course much cheaper in real terms. Between 2004 and 2012 prices were as high as £18.

Our ticket prices include programmes and will vary depending upon the number of musicians performing and programme for a particular concert.

3rd September 2014